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Adequa booste le chiffre d’affaires de votre site marchand dès le premier mois en offrant une expérience personnalisée à vos visiteurs.

✔️ Free A/B test

✔️ Monthly flat-rate

✔️ No commitment

Free A/B test

Monthly flat-rate

No commitment

Up to +10% revenue

Our solutions optimize the conversion rate, the average basket, and the acquisition cost.


No setup fee. Free A/B test. Flat-rate calculated on the generated value. No commitment.


Our solutions are installed in a few clicks with a simple tag. No IT resources are required on your side.


Our cookieless and data-storage free technology preserves the privacy of your visitors and the environment.

What would you like to optimize ?

Coût d’acquisition

Acquisition cost

Solutions/TargetCreated with Sketch.


Target your prospects in specific ways according to their probability of conversion.
A more successful acquisition strategy
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Average basket

Average basket

Solutions/CouponsCreated with Sketch.


Offer discounts only to undecided visitors.
Up to +5% incremental margin
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Suggest your visitors to complete their shopping cart with the products they are most likely to buy.
Up to +10% revenue per user
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Conversion rate

Conversion rate

Solutions/ShortcutCreated with Sketch.


Allow your visitors to resume navigation from the page where they left off on their last visit.
Up to +20% revenue per user for returning visitors
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Offer discounts only to undecided visitors.
Up to +5% incremental margin
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Get your visitors logged-in automatically.
Up to +24% of logged navigations
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Ultra-fast set up
Instant results


According to your stakes and objectives, the solution is set up and transcribed as a simple tag to be dropped in the source code of your site.


During the free A/B test, 50% of your audience is exposed to the solution. After one month, we measure the incremental sales generated.


The solution is implemented on the entire audience of your site. You can change the parameters at any time and launch a new A/B test every year.

They have chosen Adequa

Armelle Baudard

Executive Director


Adequa has helped bringing a more modern experience on-site, with impressive results. The implementation was extremely simple, no resources were mobilized at our company.

Karim Khouider

Digital & e-commerce director

@groupe actuitis

We had a simple tag to drop in order to activate the Adequa solution and measure the value in complete transparency. At the end of the test, we decided to generalize it to the entire audience.

Emile Doumenc

Digital & e-commerce director


Adequa has grasped the challenges of our market and our specificities with agility, and provides us with adapted solutions that are simple to integrate and that boost the revenue of our sites.

Nos solutions sont compatibles avec tous les CMS

The Adequa Technology

We've invented a way to provide a personalized experience for visitors to a site without any personal data leaving their browser. All our solutions respect this principle, made possible by the application of Edge Computing to web data.

Our methodology

Our algorithms are transcribed as a tag that you just have to drop in the source code of your site. Our solutions then run instantaneously from each visitor's browser, without ever using your servers' databases.

A lot of advantages

Since our technology doesn't use cookies, no data transits through an external server, and therefore involves :

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