Who are we ?

Our mission is to improve the performance of the web

with privacy and environmentally friendly customization solutions.

Our vision is to provide e-commerce sites with ready-to-use solutions

that can be set up and installed in a few clicks, using the short data cycle.

Our values

open-mindedness and diversity

To implement on a daily basis and encourage, at Adequa and among our clients, diversity and openness to all cultures and origins.

High level of expectations of oneself and others

See problems as challenges. Celebrate and be proud of the challenges you have overcome. Progressing through others' remarks and making others progress through one's own. Build on disagreements: resolve them through exchange.

Work life balance

Open remote working to all according to needs / preferences / desires. Give time for personal projects.


Faire de notre entreprise un lieu de vie accueillant, chaleureux, et, même, à l’occasion, drôle ! Passer du bon temps ensemble, même au cours d’une journée de travail.

The co-founders

Julien Vinckel, CEO & CTO

Paul Wourlod, CCO

Vincent Gauche, CPO

Our networks and partner organizations