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Get your visitors logged-in automatically.


Autologin increases the rate of logged browsing by +24%. 💥

Maximize the rate of logged navigations

The authentication step represents a moment of friction in the user's journey. Faced with a forgotten password, the visitor is tempted to interrupt his navigation or even abandon his basket.

Autologin streamlines the journey by automatically authenticating your visitors, thus improving the quality of your data.

Visitors who have saved their passwords in their browser, and who have left the site without logging out, are automatically authenticated. Our tag retrieves the logins and passwords saved in the browser, and performs the login without any action from the visitor.

Ultra-fast set up
Instant results


  • Audience analysis and segmentation
  • Programming of the solution
  • Delivery of the tag


  • 1 month of AB test
  • Performance measurement


  • 100% audience deployment
  • 1 control A/B test per year

✔️ Free A/B test

✔️ Monthly flat-rate

✔️ No commitment

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