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Offer discounts only to undecided visitors.


Coupons can generate up to +5% incremental margin. 💥

Maximize turnover
and margin

Couponing is a powerful lever to develop sales but it can be costly and degrade the margin when the discount is offered to too large an audience.

Coupons optimizes the profitability of your campaigns by targeting visitors who would not have purchased without the price reduction.

Our algorithm detects undecided visitors and shows them a discount before they leave the site.

Ultra-fast set up
Instant results


  • Definition of coupon display rules
  • Custom coupon design
  • Delivery of the tag


  • 1 month of AB test
  • Measurement of incremental sales


  • 100% audience deployment
  • 1 AB test control per year

Free A/B test

Monthly flat-rate

No commitment

✔️ Free A/B test

✔️ Monthly flat-rate

✔️ No commitment

Find out how Coupons improves our customers' performance

Find out how Coupons improves our customers' performance

Wonderbox is the European leader in gift boxes.

The incremental margin generated by Coupons is +5%.

An advanced configuration of your campaigns

The value of the coupon (5€, 10%, free delivery...) and its validity period are configurable. The coupon can be pre-filled in the shopping cart. We can also set up limitations (e.g. only for visitors who have an item in the cart) and cap the number of impressions of the coupon.

Fully customizable design

The design of the coupons is made to measure by our graphic designers to fit perfectly with your visual identity.

The display format is customizable: popin, banner.

A multi-device

Coupons works as well on desktop as on mobile. We adapt the design of our button for each device to provide the best experience for your visitors.

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