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Suggest to your visitors to supplement their shopping cart with the products they are most likely to buy.


Products increases revenue per user by up to +10%. 💥

Increase the average basket through cross-selling

Products recommends the most relevant complementary products to your visitors based on the products they have already added to the shopping cart or the pages they have previously visited. Our algorithm scans your site's sales history to detect the products most frequently purchased together. At the time of adding to the shopping cart or check-out, our recommendation engine therefore shows visitors products with a high probability of being purchased as a complement. In addition to increasing the average shopping cart, Products anticipates the needs of your visitors and thus improves the experience on your site.

Ultra-fast set up
Instant results


  • Analysis of product crossings
  • Design of the carousel
  • Delivery of the tag


  • 1 month of AB test
  • Mesure du CA incrémental par utilisateur


  • 100% audience deployment
  • 1 AB test control per year

✔️ Free A/B test

✔️ Monthly flat-rate

✔️ No commitment

Find out how Products improves our customers' performance

Pharmasimple is a leader in online sales of parapharmaceutical products.

The average basket increased by +10%.

Find out how Products improves our customers' performance

Advanced parameterization of the recommendation engine

Recommended products can be displayed at different stages of the journey: on the product page viewed, when adding to the cart or when checking out. The number of recommended products is also configurable.

Fully customizable design

So that our solution integrates perfectly with the identity of your site, the design of your carousel is made to measure: buttons, typography, messages, thumbnail format.

A multi-device

Products works as well on desktop as on mobile. We adapt the design for each device to provide the best experience for your visitors.

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