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Allow your visitors to resume navigation from the page they left on their last visit.


Shortcut can generate up to +20% incremental sales for returning visitors. 💥

Fewer clicks,
more sales

An Internet user visits a site three to five times before making a purchase. 

With Shortcut, reduce the number of steps by bringing your visitors closer to conversion.

It's very simple: when a visitor comes back to your site without having converted, a button is displayed to offer him to resume his navigation exactly where he had stopped during his previous visit. In one click, the visitor returns to the form he had pre-filled or the search he had started.

Ultra-fast set up
Instant results


  • Programming of scenarios
  • Custom button design
  • Delivery of the tag


  • 1 month of AB test
  • Measurement of incremental sales


  • 100% audience deployment
  • 1 control A/B test per year
  • Updates & scenarios modification on demand

✔️ Free A/B test

✔️ Monthly flat-rate

✔️ No commitment

✔️ Free A/B test

✔️ Monthly flat-rate

✔️ No commitment

Some examples of Shortcut on our customers' websites

Find out how Shortcut improves our customers' performance

Find out how Shortcut improves our customers' performance

Wonderbox is the European leader in gift boxes.

Revenue generated by returning visitors increased by +6%.

Direct Optic is the French leader in online sales of optical products.

Visitors using Shortcut generate 2.6 times more revenue.

A message adapted to each step of the user journey

We program in advance all possible scenarios according to the specificities of your user experience. 

Each visitor will be proposed a precise message adapted to his last action on the site.

Fully customizable design

The design of our buttons is made to measure for each customer so that Shortcut fits perfectly with your graphic identity.

Everything is customizable: messages, typography, colors, positioning and formats (chatbot, mini-chatbot, popin, banner, sticker).

A multi-device

Shortcut works as well on desktop as on mobile. We adapt the design of our button for each device to provide the best experience for your visitors.

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