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Target your prospects in differentiated ways according to their probability of conversion.

A more successful acquisition strategy
thanks to lead scoring

Target analyzes the behavior of visitors on your site and assigns them a real-time heat score, which reflects their probability of converting. The traffic of your site is divided into different segments of visitors more or less warm.

With Target, maximize the potential of each of your audience segments by targeting them in a differentiated way.

How does it work? Visitors in the discovery phase can be retargeted in search or display, while visitors who are very close to conversion will see a shopping cart reminder pop-up for example.

By targeting your prospects in a relevant way, you optimize the efficiency and profitability of your acquisition campaigns.

Target can be activated in two different ways:
- by immediately triggering an action (pop-in email collection, quote reminder, sending an email)
- by feeding your external marketing tools (retargeting platform, marketing automation tools)

Ultra-fast set up
Instant results


  • Conversion path analysis and segment creation
  • Programming of the solution
  • Delivery of the tag


  • 1 month of test
  • Performance measurement


  • Updates & modification on demand

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✔️ Monthly flat-rate

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